Consumer bankruptcy,
consumer arrangement

Utilising our comprehensive experience in insolvency proceedings, also from the perspective of the insolvency practitioner, we also advise on the insolvency of non-business individuals, i.e. in a so-called consumer bankruptcy situation – especially in proceedings involving former entrepreneurs or board members (directors & officers).

We never recommend a hasty bankruptcy filing, and any recommendation as to whether to file is preceded by an analysis of the specific situation of the client and his or her family, with an indication of all the consequences and risks that may be relevant to them in connection with a bankruptcy filing.

Importantly, Karol Tatara was involved as an external expert in the work of the Ministry of Justice Team related to the amendment of the bankruptcy law also in the area of consumer bankruptcy.

It is worth bearing in mind that for some time now, debtor-consumers have had at their disposal a restructuring procedure, the so-called consumer arrangement, which can be an interesting alternative to declaring consumer bankruptcy and thus avoiding the negative consequences associated with it.

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