The most important areas of consulting

Our advice and recommended legal solutions are always based on a prior correct diagnosis of the situation and the best possible understanding of the client’s business.

Restructuring, including
liquidation arrangements

We advise our Client with restructuring strategies – including formal as well as out-of-court solutions. We ensure fully professional advisory in all possible restructuring options available in Poland. We advise in negotiatons with key creditors. When applicable, we use tailor-made Solutions – just to mention liqudiation arrangement connected with erasure of the entity from Court’s Register.

Bankruptcy, including prepared
liquidation (pre- pack)

We advise and assist in drafting bankruptcy petitions, taking into consideration especially legal safety of the management boards. We advise all insolvency stakeholders, as well as represent our Clients before the interim court supervisor, the trustee and bankruptcy court. We have significant experience in pre-pack cases.

in distressed assets

We assist investors and represent them in the distressed M&A or asset deals within insolvency, bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings, especially transactions from the trustee, or within liquidation arrangement.

Analyses/legal opinions

We draft expert opinions (memoranda), and other analysis related to insolvency prerequisites or other legal issues connected with the course of insolvency or restructuring proceedings.

Consumer bankruptcy,
consumer arrangement

We conduct legal audits before filing for consumer bankruptcy.
We also have experience in conducting niche arrangement proceedings consumer arrangement, which can be an interesting alternative to declaring consumer bankruptcy.

Handling the process of liquidation of companies

Doradzamy również syndykom, zarządcom lub nadzorcom sądowym w toku prowadzonych przez nich postępowań.

Liability of board members

We represent board members, as well as director & officers in proceedings (litigation) related to their functions within management boards.

Services for restructuring
and insolvency courts

Our professional activity includes also performing the functions of out-of-court bodies within restructuring and insolvency proceedings, in particular the trustee, court supervisor, administrator or receiver.


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